Welcome Ghostie!

Well, here we are.

Actually it's just me and a sleeping corgi at the moment. Andrea and our toddler are asleep. Oh but you're here, hai!

Welcome to Chiba Ghosts, this is our very first blog post. Gosh.

So we've been beavering away on getting the site ready, the product all checked and in order, and all the millions of other little things that stack up on the ToDo lists when you're launching a website for a new fashion label.

(The corgi, whose name is Pickles McGerkin, just did a ridiculously cute half turn onto his back, looked up at me, then went back to sleep. Whatever corg).

But hey, that's cool, because we're finally ready to share our exiting Chiba Ghosts label with you all.

So, to let you know what's coming in the shop:

  • New designs as often as you want them. Feel free to make requests. Who knows!
  • New products with our designs on them.

For our blog we're going to experiment like the mad scientists we really are, and try some or all of the following:

  • Things to do in Chiba (when you're a ghostie)
  • Design profiles, explaining a little more of the stories behind our designs.
  • Artist profiles, interviews of artists and designers that we love
  • Customer profiles, where we will feature selected customers who we think might be of interest to our ghostie customers.
  • Other news and stuff we think you'll like.
  • Stuff you want, so please make requests if you have them

Well, that's it for now. I just wanted to kick this off by saying hi and thanks for being here. I really appreciate it. The corgi might too, but it's hard to tell because he's snoring.

See you next time.